Designer, Teacher, Facilitator

design is so much greater than a designer 



As a Product Strategist and User Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks I get to play with Design Thinking and Design Research techniques all day. 

I work with clients in the global health, retail, philanthropic and media domains. I excel in helping clients build relationships with their users and understand how to turn those learnings into meaningful experiences.   I plan and execute design-led user research and discovery for product-market fit, exploring business model innovation strategies, while partnering with stakeholders in all areas of business to understand needs, timelines and perspectives. 


Focus Areas


Product Innovation & Participatory Design  

As a Experience Design Consultant at ThoughtWorks, I help my clients understand and implement strategy that helps Agile Delivery Teams create great user-centered experiences in their products and services. I coach teams in a product delivery culture that incorporates the benefits of Duel Track Delivery coordinating discovery and delivery within agile principles. 

Some of the most exciting participatory design and research projects I have been involved in are:

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Teaching & Coaching

Teaching and Coaching designers has been a passion of mine since  graduating from Parsons in 2013. I have had the honor of mentoring and teaching with these Universities and Statrups. 


Privacy, Security & Design  

Digital security and data privacy best practices are essential for organizations of all sizes and kinds. Plenty has been written about threats, DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, legal battles, ransomware, and executive orders that impact this landscape. I’m interested in how we put threat awareness into practical and collaborative action, and how to recruit coworkers, bosses, employees and family to work with you on reducing threats, while protecting privacy and increasing security.

Writing on Data security and privacy


Passion Project: Flying Kites

In 2003 together with a group of passionate, naive, college friends, we founded the organization Flying Kites to build a home and school for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya. Since then Flying Kites has grown into an amazing organization changing the way education is delivered in rural communities in Kenya.