Systems Thinking


Understanding the system you are working within and how it integrates with other systems is critical in order to manage unintended consequences.

Visualise & Illustrate


I create paintings & illustrate children’s books for may favorite non-profit Flying Kites. I translate this passion to meetings as well. It is not uncommon for me to live draw through meetings.

Design & Product Innovation


Core to UX Design Practice is the capability to lead a team through the research & design process.


I am a UX Designer & Researcher at ThoughtWorks, where I work with client’s software delivery teams to build robust discovery & delivery processes that create value for customers and employees. This often means expanding their toolset of UX practices and facilitating activities like Design Sprints, Human Centered Design, Service Design or The Ten Types of Innovation by Doblin. Beyond the methods, I am passionate about creating a thriving and fun team culture through coaching and helping people grow their skills. UX Design is empowering and fun and engaging! Everyday can feel like you’re playing with giant bubbles, as a designer, letting some ideas burst, while others draw a crowd.

At Parsons Transdisciplinary Design MFA, I studied the intersections of Design Research, Storytelling, and Systems Theory. As an adjunct professor in Human Centered Design at NYU and the New York Code and Design Academy, I incorporate storytelling and workshop planning into the Experience Design curriculum.



USEABLE by Design

Partnered with the USEABLE project over the coarse of many years to improve UX design in open source tools.


Human Centered Design for Security & Privacy


Design & Storytelling

Designing Frameworks & Discovery Playbooks

Scaling UX Research and Design Practices at organizations to help them get closer to customers and reduce waste in software delivery

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Innovating the Supply Chain of Feminine Care Products in India

One reason that young girls in rural India drop out of school earlier than their male peers is that feminine care products are expensive, difficult to get and there is no proper disposal system at schools. In partnership with designers and entrepreneurs in Bangalore, we employed Design Research methods and systems mapping to create new business model strategies for a small female owned start-up to change this dynamic.


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Teaching & Coaching

Teaching and Coaching designers has been a passion of mine since graduating from Parsons in 2013. I have had the honor of mentoring and teaching with these Universities, Startups, and Enterprise clients.


Co-Founder Flying Kites

In 2003 I c0-founded Flying Kites, a nonprofit to build a home and school for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya. After serving as Design Director, I now illustrate children’s books and their design annual reports.